Have you been searching for editing presets that give your photos warm shadows, natural + earthy skin tones, and bright highlights so they stand out and totally rule?
Well, you are in the right place. 

If you love editing with a warm tint, while keeping your skin tones looking natural + earthy, these are for you! The Yosemite Pack features 6 presets that I use on all of my photos and can be tweaked for every kind of lighting.  

I tested these presets on hundreds of photos from amazing photographers around the world prior to the release, and they worked 99% of the time.  Of course you want to know about the 1% that they did not work on, am I right? Yeah, I know you do.  They did not work on poorly exposed or poorly taken photos.  A good preset does not make a great photographer.  A great photographer makes a great photographer, and presets help you streamline your workflow, be consistent + define your style.  

Available for purchase below! All sales are final.  

Lightroom + ACR Presets
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I shoot with a Canon 5D mark iv
My white balance is set to auto.
I underexpose just a tad.
I shoot everything in CAMERA RAW.


Have questions? Email me at annigraham@me.com 


"Seriously the dreamiest presets I have never felt more confident and happier with my editing" - Katie Carlson

The following video is a live edit of 50 photos in 5 minutes to my favorite editing song using all of my presets on a wide range of photographer's photos.  These photographers vary between amateur's and pro's and their photos include indoor, outdoor, high noon, sunset, blue hour, golden hour, in a forest and a rainforest, in a cave, at the beach, in the mountains, in a greenhouse, in the desert, and the list goes on. Then at the end, you can see how they all fit together through the Yosemite Pack.  Some are basically one-click and I don't need to fix a thing, some need a little extra love because our camera settings are probably different.  The point of this is that I want you to feel confident that no matter what camera you have or lighting situation you are in, you can make your photos AMAZING.  



"We just purchased your presets today and all we can say is WOW!! They are already helping to streamline our workflow and cutting our editing time way down with us not having to tweak to get that golden look we want! Thank you so much! - The Soucineks

"You have legitimately helped bring my editing to it's final resting spot. Everyday I felt myself getting closer to the aesthetic that spoke to me but when I started using your presets everything clicked completely into place. Thank you not only for me but for all of my clients that are so overjoyed when they see themselves looking like golden angels!" - Sarah Zimmerman

Yosemite 01

My go to preset for all occasions. With warm shadows and warm highlights, it gives every photo that warm push that you are looking for. 
You can use this preset indoors by cooling down the temperature and mixing up the split toning.

Yosemite 02

Don't you hate it when warm photos lose all sense of blues? Blue suits, blue mountains. Well this preset takes care of that for you. I use it on sunny days, cloudy days, it's different than Yosemite 01, but cohesive and consistent. 

Yosemite 03

The sunset preset. You know how sunsets can be so blown out, oversaturated, and just overall too warm? Well the trick is to underexpose everything, so that it almost looks scary dark in camera, and then use this desaturated warm preset to make your sunset dreams come true! 

Yosemite 04

This preset is perfect for keeping color, specifically blues and greens. Although it is still warm, you can cool it down, increase saturation of greens, change your highlights to cooler temperatures. It's extremely versatile and often everyone's favorite. 

Yosemite BW 01

Not every image is made to be black and white, but the ones that do need this preset. It's perfect for everything. Although I don't sell them separately from the pack, I am often asked to since they are a crowd favorite!

Yosemite BW 02

My favorite trick I like to use on my black and white photos - you'll have to buy the pack to find out what it is!

"Your presets have literally changed my life!" - Sarah Campos Photography