Have you been searching for editing presets that give your photos warm shadows, natural + earthy skin tones, and bright highlights so they stand out and totally rule?
Well, you are in the right place. 

If you love editing with a warm tint, while keeping your skin tones looking natural + earthy, these are for you! The Yosemite Pack features 6 presets that I use on all of my photos and can be tweaked for every kind of lighting.  

I tested these presets on hundreds of photos from amazing photographers around the world prior to the release, and they worked 99% of the time.  Of course you want to know about the 1% that they did not work on, am I right? Yeah, I know you do.  They did not work on poorly exposed or poorly taken photos.  A good preset does not make a great photographer.  A great photographer makes a great photographer, and presets help you streamline your workflow, be consistent + define your style.  

Available for purchase below! All sales are final.  

Lightroom + ACR Presets
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I shoot with a Canon 5D mark iv
My white balance is set to auto.
I underexpose just a tad.
I shoot everything in CAMERA RAW.


Have questions? Email me at annigraham@me.com 


The following video is a live edit of 50 photos in 5 minutes to my favorite editing song using all of my presets on a wide range of photographer's photos.  These photographers vary between amateur's and pro's and their photos include indoor, outdoor, high noon, sunset, blue hour, golden hour, in a forest and a rainforest, in a cave, at the beach, in the mountains, in a greenhouse, in the desert, and the list goes on. Then at the end, you can see how they all fit together through the Yosemite Pack.  Some are basically one-click and I don't need to fix a thing, some need a little extra love because our camera settings are probably different.  The point of this is that I want you to feel confident that no matter what camera you have or lighting situation you are in, you can make your photos AMAZING.  


I want to see all your work and give you a huge high five for being awesome and totally killing it! Tag #annigrahampresets


Check out these before & afters to see how my presets work on my own images.