Mentor Sessions can be such a valuable investment in your business.  Whether you are just starting out, or you are years into your business, a little fresh perspective and encouragement can go a long way! I am not looking to just share the way I do things, but to also help you find your own path.  Every photographer has a different way of going about their work, and I want to help you reach YOUR goals!


Let's get down to business

Skype Mentor Sessions - 500

The easiest and most accessible form of mentoring I offer is a 2 hour Skype session done from the comfort of your own home.  Skype mentor sessions usually consist of business + strategy as I look over your website/portfolio, discuss tips + tricks to getting your name out there, conquering instagram, pricing, contracts, and a solid dose of encouragement because if you are doing a mentor session, then you are already on the right track.  Reach out and let me know what you are looking for help in and we can set up at time to talk through it! Nothing is off the table! 


Lightroom + Photoshop

Editing Mentor Session - 400

Whether you use my presets, or someone else's, I want to help you master the skill of editing so no matter what preset you have, you can create consistency through any kind of lighting and throughout all of your work! These sessions are for 1 hour.  I ask for at least 10 images to be sent via dropbox to my email and I will screen share and show you how I would edit them.  I do all my retouching and final edits in photoshop to put that extra touch on my images, reach out to learn how!


All the above + live shoot!

Basically a personal workshop - 1000

Want to talk business + strategy, go over editing + workflow and THEN go out for some hands on instruction in how to interact with your couples and direct so you get those authentic, emotional + meaningful images? Let's do it all! This type of mentor session has limited availability and can either take place in Portland (where I live) or in any location that I am already traveling to! These sessions are usually 4 hrs including the couples shoot - 2 hrs business, 1 hr editing + workflow, 1 hr shoot!



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