Since my first international flight was when I was 3 years old, I like to say traveling is in my blood, or at least my biggest hobby, job, passion, skill, however you want to describe this unexplainable feeling that I get when I'm about to get on a plane. Traveling is more than just a perk in this business, it's a skill. I'd like to think that because I spent the first 18 years of my life in one of the most hectic countries in the world, India, I can pretty much go anywhere - with skill.

The following is a map of what 2019 looks like. I have some availability for travel elopements especially in Iceland in August, Yosemite in September, and Alaska in July. The remainder of the year I am based in Portland, OR and know of some incredible PNW locations for an adventurous elopement.
Get in touch with me if you are interested in any open availably or if you want to start planning for 2020 because my year fills up quick!

Travel 2019


We spent 3 weeks traveling around the South Island of New Zealand and it was absolutely incredible. Click below to view some galleries of our time spent there. I scouted some unreal locations to elope if you are looking for an experience of a lifetime! Best season to go is Nov - Feb.

South Island New Zealand Roadtrip
A recap of our camper van adventure.

Queenstown Couples Session
Day trip down one of the most dangerous roads in Queenstown for some incredible views!

We spent the first week of February in Oahu, Hawaii. Although it was raining for the majority of the time, it was still warm and I think we saw rainbow every single day. We attempted a few of the local hikes and they are the reason Hawaii can be so adventurous. If you are down to get a little muddy and strap your dress to your backpack, look no further for an elopement/honeymoon location.

Oahu Adventure Hiking Elopement
This gallery is from a hike in elopement shoot on the North Shore and it was nothing short of epic.

Oahu Underwater Shoot
My first attempt ever at underwater photography combined with a couples session. Hawaii has some of the clearest water and white sand which makes for perfect conditions for this kind of thing.


Our most travel heavy month! We spent a little over a week in Morocco traveling between Marrakech and the Sahara Desert and it has to be one of my favorite countries I have ever travelled to. It truly is an experience. We came home for barely 1 night and headed straight to Moab for a few elopements. March isn’t actually great weather in Moab but we were lucky and had sun every day! We then headed straight on through to Patagonia, a place I’ve been itching to go back to ever since we spent time there last year. Full galleries coming soon!

We are spending 1 week in Zion National Park and the rest of the time back home in Portland. I am only taking local Oregon elopements at this time. Below are a few local Oregon shoots I have done recently to give you an idea of what is available here!

Adventurous Waterfall Elopement
Oregon is basically the Iceland of the US with hundreds of waterfalls accessible all summer long. If you aren’t afraid to get a little soaked, it’s pretty exhilarating to get married in front of a waterfall.

Cannon Beach Elopement
The closest beach access from Portland full of cliffside hikes, lush green forests, and campfires at night.

Silver Falls Couples Session
Just a short hour drive from Portland and a 10 waterfall trail!

Columbia River Gorge Anniversary Session
A secret spot that looks like New Zealand and an incredible intimate location for any elopement.



We are spending May as close to Portland as we can. We have never actually spent any summer months in the PNW and we are itching to explore more of our backyard! Only taking on Oregon elopements during this month. We will be in Yosemite for a week long workshop, but don’t have any availability outside of that for a shoot. Here are some more Oregon elopement location ideas!

Oregon Coast Rainy Adventure Elopement

Pre-Wedding Vows on the Oregon Coast

Portland Waterfall Couples Session

Oregon Coast Engagement Session

Waterfall Anniversary Session

Travel locations include the following:
Santorini, Greece - June 1 - 8, availability June 6&7
Heart lake, CA + Napa Valley, CA - no availability
Maui, Hawaii - availability only June 20th



Travel locations include:
Alaska - availability July 6 - 10th
Oregon - availability July 22 - 28th

We will be in Iceland August 10th - 28th with availability the following dates:
August 10th
August 18th - 26th
Iceland has to be one of my favorite places in the world to explore and shoot. If you are down to face any kind of weather in a day, hike to glaciers, black beaches, and bright green mountains with waterfalls bigger than you can imagine, Iceland is the place for you. We’ve been there several times and know of some amazing off the grid locations for your elopement. Here are some galleries for inspiration.

First half of their elopement trip was a stopover in Iceland

Rainy Canyon Elopement in the Southern Region of Iceland
Note, this location is no longer accessible because of viewing ropes, but there are similar landscapes all over the southern region.

Skogafoss + Lupine Fields Anniversary Session
The lupines blume in May + June, so they are not available in August

Backpacking the Laugavegar Trail
One of our favorite adventures we’ve had in Iceland - a 4 day, 3 night adventure in the highlands and could be an amazing additional or location for your adventure elopement or anniversary!

Remote Highlands Vow Renewal
Probably one of the most meaningful, emotional shoots we’ve ever shot



We will be between Yosemite National Park and Banff National Park on the following dates:
Yosemite - Sept 12th - 15th
Banff - Sept 18th - 21st
We have some availability outside of those dates and can extend our trip so get in touch if you are interested in either location! *note I can legally only shoot US citizens in Canada

Sunrise Winter Elopement Banff

Lake Moraine Couples Shoot

Yosemite Sunrise Elopement

Laid-back intimate wedding Yosemite

We will be between Yosemite National Park and the Himalayas in India on the following dates:
Yosemite - Oct 9th - 10th (availability a few days before)
Himalayas - Oct 13th - 21st
Yosemite - Oct 22nd - 23rd (availability a few days after)


The following are a list of locations that I think are ideal for an elopement as well as a few galleries from locations we have already travelled to.

Crater Lake, OR
Northern Cascades, WA
Olympic National Park, WA
Jacksonhole, WY
Glacier National Park, MT
Capitol Reef National Park, UT
Zion National Park, UT
Havasu Falls, AZ
Monument Valley, UT
Independence Pass, CO
Sedona, AZ
White Sand Dunes National Monument, NM
Death Valley National Park, CA
Yosemite, CA
Sequoia National Park, CA
Lost Coast, CA
Channel Islands, CA

New Zealand
Ladakh, India
Tanzania / Kenya
Capetown, South Africa

Dolomites, Italy