What Makes a Good Elopement Location

What Makes a Good Elopement Location

I’m a huge believer that the place you get married is a big deal. The place where you exchange your vows holds so much significance for your relationship, that’s why it’s important to think about what makes a good elopement location. I’ve experienced every kind of elopement from a 25 person intimate wedding to two people in the middle of nowhere, even repelling into a cave for some real adventure, and I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that the most meaningful elopements are ones with an intentional location, a space that gives the couple (and maybe a handful of loved ones) the chance to connect and stay present.  

So to help you find the perfect place to elope, here are a few common factors I think about as I help couples choose elopement locations:


The best elopement locations offer privacy and seclusion. If you want to elope in a public place, like a National Park or beach, I always recommend choosing a weekday. You’ll find fewer crowds and you’re less likely to have a group of strangers passing by – which might distract you from being fully present and able to connect.


Your elopement location should reflect your personalities. Do you two love adventuring to epic waterfalls, or camping in the desert? When you think about your ideal wedding day, are you saying “I do” on a beach, near a mountain, or in a forest? Narrowing down a type of scenery will help you find an elopement location that feels unique to your relationship.


Accessibility is another important factor when it comes to choosing your elopement location. If you have elderly relatives joining you for your elopement ceremony, I’ll help you look for flat, relatively easy trails. You want to be able to enjoy your wedding day, and whether you’re looking for an immersive backpacking experience or a short walk to an incredible view, think about the activity and accessibility concerns for all parties attending your elopement.


I encourage couples to think about locations that have sentimental value. Think of the anniversaries, dates, firsts, and moments of growth you’ve shared: where did those moments happen? When my husband and I eloped, we chose the Lost Coast as our location because we have both backpacked the full trail and it was a significant and meaningful experience and place for us. When you elope somewhere that holds emotional significance, it makes your day even more intentional and incredible.


If you know what type of scenery you want for your elopement, but you’re not sure where to go from there, I’m more than happy to help you choose a location from a list of epic places that I’ve already scouted. I have a list of locations that I’ve researched think would be ideal for an elopement, and if you want to choose one of these spots you can rest easy knowing I’ve already thought through the details (less-traveled spot, good light at the right time of day, necessary permits, accessibility, etc.)



Need a little help? Send me an email and I’ll help you find the perfect setting for your elopement.