How to Include Family in Your Elopement

How to Include Family in Your Elopement

As you start to plan your elopement, it’s important to decide whether you want the experience to be private and just the two of you, or if you want family to be there too. You might be thinking, “hold on, we’re eloping, should we have a guest list?”

It depends! Your elopement is all about you two, it’s about being intentional and carving out time to connect, to explore and feel and see, and to be with your favorite person/people. So if you view your wedding day as a moment to celebrate your two families coming together, or it’s important to you to include loved ones, go for it!

Of course, if you want to reserve this day for just the two of you, there are other ways to include family in your elopement. Just because they’re not physically present doesn’t mean that they can’t be part of the process. Here are a few meaningful ways to include your family throughout the elopement process:

Before the elopement…

  • Invite family members to help you shop for the perfect elopement attire

  • Reach out to family members and ask them to write letters or words of wisdom for you two to open and read through together on the morning of your elopement

  • Plan a send-off dinner a few days before your elopement

  • If you planning on handling the paperwork at a city hall before your actual elopement day, consider inviting a couple family members to be your witnesses

During the elopement…

  • Take a few minutes to call or Facetime your family on the morning of your elopement

  • Consider bringing “something borrowed” or “something old” from a family member to wear

After the elopement…

  • Throw a reception, invite family members to celebrate this exciting milestone – this can be as casual as backyard potluck!

  • Send family members a printed elopement photo and a thank you note letting them know you’re appreciative of the love and support they’ve given your relationship

  • Host a dinner party and share photos from your elopement, walk them through the experience and share details about what made eloping so special for you two


Bottom line: this is your commitment, your experience. Invite your family into your elopement in a way that feels intentional to you.