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I have found that my best and most meaningful work is created with couples that I can easily connect with. 

If you believe your wedding day should be centered around the most significant things to you, not just what you are "supposed" to do, then we are perfect for each other. 

The best times I've had with my couples are hiking in the Rocky Mountains with the wedding dress stuffed in a backpack, sliding down muddy trails barefoot in Thailand, getting soaked under the biggest waterfall I've ever seen in Iceland, wiping the tears off my camera as I capture the most heartfelt vows in the middle of the desert in Arizona, and getting lost on the Oregon coast.  The adventure, the experience, the unknown, it's all such a thrilling and meaningful way to share the best day of your lives together, and I can never get enough of it.

If this is you, I want to hear from you! 



I travel for about 90% of all my shoots, so of course I am down to come to you!

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I love it when couples give me an in-depth idea of what they are looking for, have planned, and is most important to them on their wedding day.  In a sea of inquiries, it's the ones that have spent the extra time + intention to send me a whole paragraph of information and fun stories about each other that I know right away we are going to be friends in no time!


Currently booked out until November 2018.
If you are having a weekday elopement, I still have some availability!
Weddings start at 6000
Elopements start at 3500
Engagements start at 1000

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