Candace + Brett

These two make a 110 degree summer night in Redding look so good.  Summers in Redding are no joke, so happy to be living in Portland right now, but there's just something to be said about Redding sunsets.  Everyone who lives there would agree.  I know Candace from college, we were in the same journalism class, and her charisma and happy self is pretty hard to miss.  Every huge smile on her face in these photos is exactly what she is like in real life, and meeting and hanging out with her + Brett was such a treat.  This little ridge is just off the side of the road, and doesn't look like much, but I've always wanted to take photos here and they were so down.  The grass was so pretty in the sunset, but we didn't last too long before we were begging for some shade to dry those pits - I'm not kidding it was 110 degrees.  Even in the heat, these two were as happy as could be to be getting married and taking engagement photos.  Love them so much.