A surprise proposal in Queenstown, New Zealand

This last spring, Rich and I spent almost a month in New Zealand roaming around, meeting up with amazing couples, doing a few mentor session with photographers and just enjoying this insanely beautiful country.

One of my mentor session was with this talented Kate from https://www.katerobergephotography.com and we planned to also do a shoot of her + her boyfriend while we were in town. Once the plan was official, I got a secret message from Hamish, her bf, saying that he wanted to propose on our shoot and he wasn’t sure when or how, but wanted it to just be spontaneous and in the moment. And it ended up being so perfect! We drove out to Glenorchy near Queenstown and roamed around the mountains there, then pulled off on the side of the road on our way to our next spot where Hamish snuck the ring out of his pocket and onto her hand while they were mid-cuddling under the trees. Try finding the exact moment in the photos!

Kate was so surprised and it was so fun to capture this moment for these two! The casual couples shoot then turned into their engagement photos and we went to our last location - this huge stretch of white beach in a valley with no one around but just us and some sheep!

It’s funny to think that in all my years of photographing weddings, engagements, anniversaries, vow renewals, elopements, that this was my FIRST proposal ever! Can you believe it?! I might have been just as nervous as Hamish! ha!

So excited to be back in the amazing country this winter. Check out this blog I wrote about our last trip to see where we went + hopefully inspire your trip there too!