Queenstown, New Zealand Couples Session

Has anyone heard of Skipper Canyon Road in Queenstown, New Zealand? We did for the first time in our camper van rental office when they told us it was one of the only roads we were NOT allowed to drive down. It’s basically the most dangerous road in New Zealand because of its sheer cliff drop off without any rails, basically one-way the entire time, and only accessible by 4x4 vehicles because of the condition of the road and its steep incline. So when my friend Kate Roberge, local Queenstown photographer, said she would drive, I was in.

We met up with these two newly weds and made it into the canyon, sweaty palms and all, for some of the most incredible landscapes I’ve ever seen. We had the best time running away from sand flies and chasing the last bit of light along the road. It’s always so crazy to me when I meet people half way across the world who knows someone that I know and our lives cross in the most obscure way. It makes the world feel so small and I love it. Lauren + Tyler are amazing and it was so fun to capture their newly wed love in this way. Fun, carefree, soaking in every bit of summer.