Pre-Wedding Vows on the Oregon Coast

Do you dream of eloping, but know that it means too much to your family + friends not to?
You're not alone.
The elopements that you see all over instagram and the internet where a bride + groom plan an epic trip to some far off land with cliffs and waterfalls have only really been a thing for the last 5 years. That's probably why your parents don't get it. 
The thing about eloping that really is so incredible (and what I love so much about them) isn't the killer photos or even the money that you will probably save on catering and an open bar, it's the intimacy. 
A wedding is a very full day, full of people, responsibilities, expectations, keeping to a timeline, keeping people happy, entertained, it really is about everyone else. I think the people that you choose to celebrate with you is a really important thing, I don't want this to be mis-read as a negative commentary on weddings because it's not.  I just want to acknowledge that weddings don't have that much intimacy and for an event that is all about you and your partner choosing each other for life, it's crazy how little quality time you actually get to spend together.
This is what elopements have plenty of.  TIME.

Last year, I shot a pre-wedding vow exchange at Horseshoe Bend for a couple that planned the big wedding, but wanted to have the elopement experience - time for just them.  Since then, the idea has caught onto to more + more of my couples - Maria + Aaron were one of them.  They wanted to come out to Oregon and have an adventure where they said their private vows to each other in addition to their wedding day. I'll let you see for yourself what it was like. 
They wrote to me afterwards sharing this...
"Our wedding day was amazing. It was as perfect as one could wish, but it wasn't relaxing nor quiet. There was so much noise, so much to do, so many people around me while I was getting ready. At a point the night before Aaron whispered to me "think about Oregon" and I immediately smiled because we had that magical day with you to declare our love for each other without any interruptions, questions, or phones ringing."

This is what I love.