Patagonia Adventure

In January, Rich and I went on an adventure of a lifetime.  Patagonia is a place that I have heard of  and knew it was as beautiful as ever, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself actually going there. After long days and multiple flights, we finally made it to the most southern part of the world I had ever been to and our flight landed right next to the craziest blue lake with glaciers, mountains, and alpacas running around.  It's pretty surreal. 

We spent a week adventuring around for ourselves, driving between Argentina and Chile, spending long days on the most beautiful trails in the world, before we met up with these adventurers and friends. Our incredible trip ended in El Chalten, a small little climbing town at the base of the Fitz Roy Range where we spent a few days with The Hearnes, and this particular evening was spent in a field, drinking boxed wine, just watching the clouds flow in and out of the most famous mountain range.  

Our last day in El Chalten, we hiked into an alpine lake in the Fitz Roy Range and wow, the water, it's just so surreal.  It's honestly so hard to even try to explain what this week in Patagonia was like, so I'll allow the photos to speak for themselves. 

We are SO excited to be going back March 2019 for the most epic elopement of all time.