Mt. Shasta Adventure Elopement in Northern California

It’s not that often that I get to shoot an elopement in a place that feels so much like home. Not that many people know about Mt. Shasta, but those that do know just how amazing of a place it is to elope.

I grew up in these mountains, and by grew up I mean I became an adult here. I spent 5 years living in Redding, CA going to college, asking those big existential questions, hiked all through these mountains with my classmates (one of them is now my husband), and I’ll never really be the same because of it. All to say, this place has meaning for me too. So when these two emailed me about eloping here, I was ecstatic.

There are so many beautiful places in the world and choosing where to elope can be an overwhelming decision. But if it makes it any easier, eloping in a place that’s both beautiful and meaningful makes it that much better. Doug and Lori are true adventurers, ultra marathoners, trail runners, and ultimately just really badass. They wanted their elopement to represent them and their love for the outdoors and Mt. Shasta was a place that they had adventured together in their years of dating, so it was an obvious choice.

Everything about this day was incredible. We got to the top of the trail, set up base camp where everyone changed and got ready, then we hiked up to the summit where they said their vows towering over Castle Lake with Mt. Shasta as their witness. It was perfect.

Thank you Doug + Lori for letting me be a part of this experience. And can we get a final AMEN for this dress by Grace Loves Lace?! Lori rocked it.