Morocco Elopement at the Sahara Desert

Morroco is one of my favorite places for adventure elopements. Have you ever dreamed of a place for so long that you don't even remember when it all started? 
Well, it's been a dream of mine to shoot in sand dunes for as long as I can remember. I think it's the simplicity of it all, but when you experience this landscape it's almost overwhelming to be in (because of all the sand in your eyes). It feels rugged and endless, and the dunes are actually so huge it's crazy to see them in perspective. I think of nomads in the deserts of Africa, they always have such eccentric style with bright colored dresses and big jewelry. 

This shoot was inspired by that desert beauty that I have seen in National Geographic magazines. It also happened to be an especially windy day in the dunes, so it makes for some really fun, unexpected images.  We could barely even talk to each other, let alone open our eyes during this shoot. The sand in the wind made it nearly impossible to stay out there for very long before we'd run into the car to give our eyes a chance to drain out all the sand. It was pretty wild. But I love wild. 

Special thank you to Daughters of Simone for these bohemian wedding dresses that made this shoot was it is.