A Trip of a Lifetime - Manda + Johnny in Morocco

This was my first trip to Morocco and it completely blew me away. Just wandering the streets was exciting. Everyone had told me that Morocco was pretty full on and although it was beautiful, it was a hard country to travel around in. Well, lucky for me I grew up in India so I was pretty confident that it wouldn’t be that different or at least I would have the capacity to flow with the punches. I was pleasantly surprised. Marrakech is very touristy and the city supports tourism, so it really wasn’t that intense at all. Cute little Riad’s to stay in on every corner, souks full of everything I want to put in my house, stores solely dedicated to all the different spices in the world, rooftop restaurants to get away from the crowds, narrow streets that you can wander around in for hours. It was absolutely beautiful. And if you know how to travel well and dress appropriately, this place is a dream.

Manda and Johnny have become good friends over this last year and even though they might travel just as much or more as I do and are hardly ever home in Portland, we get to see each other in all the little corners of the world that wedding photography takes us to. Manda and Johnny own Mae&Co - a wedding design + styling business that they are incredibly talented at and I’m convinced that they need to be involved in every elopement that I have planned because it makes the experience just that much better.

We met up in Marrakech for Immersed Workshops - a wedding photography workshop put on by us that focuses on the experience of traveling, shooting, and planning destination weddings all over the world. This was our first workshop and of course our first run was all the way in Morocco because, well, you can guess - we love traveling and it was only obvious to have our first workshop be in a place that was both inspiring and technical to plan + execute.

Before everything got started, we decided to do a shoot of our own to discover Morocco and all it has to offer. We took photos in their amazing Riad, wandered the souks, ate dinner on the roof, and talked about all our dreams of future collaborations and experiences we wanted to create for our students. I had never done a shoot in such a busy city before, and while we wanted to respect the conservative culture and be informed and respectful tourists, we wanted to capture what it was like to be in the city. It was different, fun, unique, inspiring, and one of my favorite shoots I have ever done.