An Intimate Elopement in Marrakech, Morocco - Beldhi Country Club

Imagine waking up to the smell of cumin in the air, kids practicing their English in a classroom nearby, horses walking the streets, and the call to prayer being recited on a microphone everyday right on the clock. The first morning we woke in Marrakech I experienced all of this, I was overwhelmed with how much culture was everywhere, and we hadn't even explored the streets yet. I expected Marrakech to remind me of India, but it really didn’t, it is a place of its own. It was so incredible to combine the unique qualities of Marrakech with an elopement in a creative way.

We started the morning at our Riad, tucked away from the Medina so we couldn’t hear the busy streets and everything felt quiet and peaceful. Most Riad’s have a pool in the middle of their courtyard, as a way to cool down in the hot summers, but also with privacy from their neighbors and shade from the sun. Kind of makes you want to design a house with a pool in the living room, doesn’t it?

We then headed over to Beldhi Country Club - a popular wedding venue just outside the Medina in Marrakech. It had this beautiful little greenhouse room where we set up their ceremony area and Manda from Mae&Co made the most amazing tablescape and Amy from Brier&Ivy made a floral arch on the window. Most elopements that I see are outside in some epic landscape that took some effort to get to and although I absolutely love that, there’s something so unique about just doing what you want to do, in your own way, whether that’s indoors or outdoors. I loved capturing this because it at least promotes diversity within the elopement world and gives people ideas for how they can create an experience that is the truest representation of them even if it doesn’t mean hiking boots and rain. It can be stylish, indoors, in a city, and still be just as unique as anything else.

It was such an honor to create these images alongside Brier & Ivy + Mae & Co.