Intimate Backyard Wedding in Seattle, WA

If you are ever having trouble deciding where to get married, take this day as inspiration. The place you get married is such a huge part of your wedding day, so why your family’s backyard! It doesn’t matter if it’s at the edge of a cliff or under a waterfall, if it’s significant to you it will speak volumes over a random beautiful place. Everything about this day was so true to Nicola and Andrew and that’s why I loved it so much.

They spent a quiet morning getting ready together and walking around their favorite little nooks of Seattle while I tagged along. Then we set off to her family’s home to greet all the guests while the house was slowly coming together and being decorated for the ceremony. Everyone gathered in the backyard spilling off their porch as if representing the overflowing love that existed in that moment.

Everything was so thoughtful, meaningful, and intentional. Everyone walked down the street to their family’s favorite restaurant they had been to a thousand times. Andrew and Nicola took a walk around the neighborhood by themselves. Their little dog came to visit. Everything was so simple, yet so incredibly beautiful.

This is what it’s all about.