Remote Iceland Vow Renewal

One of the most meaningful shoots I've ever been a part of.  Erin + Dirk spent 10 days adventuring around Iceland for a belated honeymoon/anniversary and asked if I could come out and capture their vow renewal - I couldn't have been more excited.  Dreams came true in every way for me here, flying to Iceland, hanging out with the sweetest couple in the world, complete creative freedom, and honestly just the best few days spent together.  Erin is an incredible photographer herself (see her work here!) and getting to capture this moment for them was just such an honor. 

We started the day with no itinerary or agenda, except that when we found the perfect spot we were going to have them renew their vows.  We tried to find this really remote volcano for most of the day, but got turned around a couple times when Dirk accidentally left this wallet + phone in a field of Dr. Seuss flowers.  So mid day we went back into town and scarfed down a pizza, they put cream cheese on their pizza in Iceland it's weird, and then we just kept going.  Just remember Erin + Dirk had been here for almost 10 days and this was Rich and I's first time exploring Iceland, so we were stopping at every crazy thing we saw, which was every 10 minutes.  The whole time my husband was secretly filming video and below is what he ended up creating.  This was his first time trying it ever! I'm so proud of him! 

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Adventurous Iceland Vow Renewal

We ended up finding this spot on a mountain with a river flowing below and no one around for miles.  Erin wore the most perfect bohemian Dreamers & Lovers dress.  They had a new set of rings for each other and had planned on saying their vows from the heart.  As soon as we reached the spot for the ceremony, Erin couldn't hold it in any longer.  Dirk held her while tears streamed down her face and they choked out the most beautiful and honest vows of love for each other.  It was one of the most meaningful moments for me as a photographer.