Traveling Iceland

This summer, Rich and I had the chance to finally go to Iceland. I had dreamed of Iceland since 2010 when I first found a picture on some photography website, but as the tourism industry started to boom, prices skyrocketed, and it seemed like a far off reality.  In those 7 years, I had seen so many photos of the little country, and was a bit concerned that it had become too touristy and therefore completely ruined, so I tried to keep my expectations low so this dream trip wouldn't be crushed. 

The reality was - it was completely magical.  I've never been to a more breathtaking place in my whole life and I didn't even care if there were buses of tourists getting in all my shots because I was completely overwhelmed.  

It was the beginning of August, so the days were long and it didn't get dark until about midnight, and even then it was never completely dark.  There were waterfalls cascading off of cliffs every five minutes, and the weather would change from sunny to dark and rainy and then back to being sunny in a half an hour.  It was so raw and rugged, there's really no place like it.  

We rented a camper van so we could be spontaneous and go wherever we wanted.  We didn't have a plan except for two shoots that I needed to be in the southern region for, other than that we would just drive and stop as we pleased.  We brought dehydrated backpacking meals so we didn't spend a ton of money on gas station hot dogs + ice-cream (the staple for most travelers). It was the best trip I've been on in so long, and we just might make it an annual thing! 

Here are a few of my favorite landscapes that either Rich or I took. I have such a huge love for landscape photography, the light, the texture, the natural composition. It's storytelling but in such a different way and my approach is from an emotional + sensing perspective. I want to feel the water the mist, hear the wind, and smell the air through the photos. I've not compiled a personal project like this in a while so I feel a bit rusty, but no better place than Iceland to get back into it!