Horseshoe Bend + Antelope Canyon Elopement

The adventure of the year right here! This spring, Rich (my husband) and I had a shoot in Havasupai Falls, and there was no way I was going all the way over there without checking out Antelope Canyon.  It was such a dream come true, and I was completely floored with how gorgeous it was and what an experience it was just to walk through the canyon, no matter how many tourists were frantically taking photos next to me.  It's like Iceland - everyone's going, but it's in NO way overrated. 

I left feeling so inspired, and of course it made my list of places I had to do a shoot. 

That next week, my friend Benjamin Patch referred Addie + Ken to me and I just about died. Could this be real?! Well it all turned out to be, but I'm still rubbing my eyes in disbelief that I had the opportunity to not just shoot in Antelope Canyon, but spend a couple days running around the desert with one of the sweetest, smartest, amazing Canadian couples I've ever met.

We started our adventure in Vegas, driving out to Zion National Park for a first look at sunrise, but ended up leaving late and in the full desert sun aka 100 degrees.  Not to worry, we wiped off all our sweat in Lake Powell for a little afternoon dip. Addie clipped up her hair and got in too.  This is the most BA couple ever by the way, they are nuclear scientists and I hardly felt worthy to be hanging with them.  

The big event was reading their personal vows that they wrote to each other and planned to say while the sun set over Horseshoe Bend.  These two had initially wanted to elope, but realized that having a wedding was just too important for all their family + friends, which I think is the case for most people.  So instead, they met up with me a week before their wedding to say personal vows in the desert on the side of a cliff and it was nothing short of incredible.  We all cried. 

The next morning, we timed it just right and went to Antelope Canyon right when the sun was peaking through.  The adventure of the year. 

Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon Elopement