El Chalten, Argentina, Patagonia - Adventure Shoot

I can’t believe this was a year ago.

In a short month we will be packing our bags to head back to Patagonia for 3 weeks to adventure around El Chalten and Torres Del Paine for some more adventurous elopements. We booked this trip last year on such a whim and it ended up being the most incredible week of our lives. I feel like we barely scratched the surface of exploring all that Patagonia has to offer and honestly my second trip back to a place is always better. Sometimes I just need to go there to get my bearings and comprehend what type of place it is. It’s hard to plan a trip to a place that is so far and rugged and no one else I know had ever been here. It’s not like New Zealand where everyone has sending me recommendations left and right without even asking. We really had to figure it out for ourselves. And I secretly loved that.

We met up with a few photographers from the US that happened to be there at the same time and spend an evening sitting in a random field off the side of the road sipping wine and talking about all the adventures we’ve had while the infamous Patagonia skyline stood clear in the background. It’s amazing to have an experience like this with friends, meeting for the first time on the other side of the world. And now a year later, we are all walking a similar road with photography - digging deep into mastering adventure elopements.

It’s interesting because we are all actually quite different from each other. The Hearnes were there too, you can see their shoot posted here, and they live in a van and work mainly between Moab + Yosemite while Megan + Nate, see their work here, are working towards living full time in an air stream and are impressive long trail hikers. By long trail I mean they enjoy being on a trail for months at a time, a feat that not many can do. Then there’s Rich and I who have probably done the most traveling especially to countries in Asia and we really love backpacking but only really want to be in a van for a couple weeks and then we’d love a big bed and a hot shower. I think it’s easy to see us all as adventure elopement photographers but the reality is we are so different from each other it’s crazy. And each of us brings something totally different to the table.

Since Patagonia, we met up with Megan + Nate in their little Colorado mountain town while on our way to shoot a wedding. It was so fun to see where they lived and merge the world of sitting in a field in Patagonia and who they are back home. It’s one of the things I love most about traveling because I think you are a different person when you are out exploring vs. when you are at home in a comfortable and familiar place. We also saw them at a workshop in New York which was really polar opposite to any place we had seen them before, walking through the busy streets and mingling with other photographers at a bar. I’m just grateful to have met them in so many different parts of the world and can’t wait to see where I bump into them next.

Make sure you check out their work here and enjoy a little taste of this 10 minute shoot we did in Patagonia while we took a quick wine break.