Lauren + Taylor's Destination Adventure Elopement in Patagonia, Chile

Patagonia is the most incredible place to have a destination adventure elopement and I was so excited to be a part of this day.

Lauren and Taylor spend a week in Patagonia before their elopement backpacking the infamous W Trek through Torres del Paine. At the end of their trek, they were shuttled to Tierra Patagonia - one of National Geographic's top 50 most unique hotels in the world - where they met up with their family to spend a few days together. I met them the day they arrived to say hi, see how the hike went, and to plan out their elopement. We had loose plans of just having the ceremony behind the hotel at a lake that overlooked Torres del Paine and when we saw it in person, we knew it was perfect. So that's exactly what we did!

The morning of their wedding Rich and I took our time driving into Tierra Patagonia - stopping every few minutes to capture all the wildlife that just roams everywhere - ostrich's, guanaco's, flamingoes! Sometimes you just have to stop and realize where you are - at the edge of the world in one of the most unique landscapes with bright blue glacier lakes, tiny Chilean towns, and a family willing to come all the way here to celebrate their love through such a unique experience. We are so grateful to be working in conditions like this, but even more grateful to meet the people who choose an experience over the big production of a wedding day.

Once everyone was ready, we all walked to the lake together and they said their vows with their family and friends surrounding them. We then ventured into the park to this trail I had found earlier that week that had the most amazing view of the mountains for sunset. In the distance you could just barely see the campsite they had just been at while trekking just a few days before, but from a totally different perspective. It was amazing. They are amazing. Eloping is amazing. What more can I say!?