Carmen + Jesse

Carmen and Jesse really, truly had the most beautiful wedding day ever.  Their wedding took place at a private residence in North Bend, WA and was the perfect backdrop for their intimate ceremony.  I've known Carmen for years, we played soccer together in junior high when I lived in WA for a few years.  I was the weird white kid from India with lots of social anxiety, but Carmen chose to be my friend anyways.  Now, almost 15 years later, I had the honor of capturing her biggest dream come true in the most perfect way.  It meant so much to me. 

From the moss covered wooded trails, the father-son shaving together, Carmen's stunning dress, saying their vows by the river, the walk back to the house through the Christmas tree farm, the absolutely overwhelming magic of Snoqualmie Falls, Thanksgiving dinner, and the dancing in the woods by the fire, this wedding was such a dream.  Also Jesse took Carmen on a surprise honeymoon to Madagascar......... yeah, I know.

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