Carmel Valley California Wedding

Probably the funnest wedding I've ever been to.  Katie reached out to me before her and Colin were even engaged which was my favorite because it allowed me to follow along when Colin did finally pop the question, to the day she found her dress, and all the in-between.  The first time I ever talked to Katie on the phone, my face hurt from laughing so much because as you will soon see, she has the biggest, most loving, and unique personality that shines like a bright light in every room and their wedding was nothing short the extension of that. 

These two had been doing long distance for some time, so the wedding day was a huge celebration of two families coming together and the distance between them finally coming to an end. I feel like I could talk about how beautiful their wedding was, how good everyone looked, or even the epic post reception pool plunge, but really the most significant thing for me in this wedding was experiencing two people who so intentionally love the people in their lives and this day was so evident of that. And I just want to mention how cool it is that their honeymoon was a fly fishing trip to New Zealand. 

So grateful for you Katie + Colin for including me in this amazing day and the friendship that has come from it!