Destination Wedding in Bulgaria

If there's one thing that I love the most about photography it's the opportunities I get to travel to some of the most amazing places, learn about different cultures, and have this thing I call "work" be an experience.  When Allison, an amazing photographer based on the east coast, reached out to me to shoot her wedding in Bulgaria, I was so incredibly flattered I didn't know what to do with myself.  These two met and fell in love when Lyubo lived + worked in the US for a while, and due to some unfortunately tough visa situations, they had been doing long distance for long enough. So this day and wedding was quite the celebration of two people finally able to be together.  I am forever grateful to have been a part of this incredible weekend.  

Allison's family spent the week before the wedding touring around Bulgaria so we decided to join them on their last stop, a cute little mountain town called Veliko Tarnovo.  We roamed around the cobble streets, chasing the sunset, and hearing stories of how they met and fell in love.  

Wedding Day in Pleven, Bulgaira

The wedding was in a little town called Pleven at a villa overlooking the river.  They rented out the whole place and the two families spent a few days getting to know each other, eating pizza, and exploring Lyubo's hometown.  I don't know if I've ever had such incredible olives and feta as we did in Bulgaria, the food was just absolutely amazing everywhere.  The wedding day itself was so relaxed, laid-back, and incredibly beautiful.  They said their vows under the trees at the villa and then we went hiking in the forest to take photos with incredible views of the river and the venue in the background.  Their love for each other was so overwhelming, you can't help but see just how happy they are to finally be married to each other.  Everything about this day was perfect.