Big Sur Adventurous Couples Shoot

This adventurous couples shoot in Big Sur is probably one of my favorites of all time. Hopping around the coastline in Cotopaxi sleeping bags and being so fully and truly themselves.

Big Sur was closed down for over a year due to some pretty bad landslides and a few of my couples last year had to re-plan their elopement so getting to access these beautiful locations again has me so excited. Big Sur has to be one of the most serene, calming, relaxing places I’ve ever been. The first time I went was on a spontaneous road trip with a friend and we hiked in to Sykes Hot Springs, a gnarly 10 mile hike that I did in chaos 2 sizes too small. We got out of the car and started packing up our gear to hike in and I realized that I didn’t bring my boots and all I had were my bunny slippers that I wore in the car. No bueno. By the end of the 20 miles, I had my feet basically completely taped up because they were bleeding so bad. If you don’t know how the edges of chaco’s that are too small feel, I pray you never do. Anyways, it felt good to be back in the right sized chaos, good weather, and an awesome couple.

Callie + David took a spontaneous road trip to the Big Sur coast to meet up with me and celebrate their 1 year wedding anniversary. When I was planning the shoot with them, I wanted to not just take pretty pictures on the coast, but really capture who they are in a way that no on else has. We talked about their adventure van, all the amazing trips they have been on, their need for a stress free life (my kind of people) and they brought a few fun things with them like these sleeping bags from Cotopaxi and I thought *ding* that’s it.

So that’s what we did.
Just a couple of Mexican jumping beans on the California coast.
As soon as Callie hopped in her sleeping bag, she said “this is so us!”.

These guys are also really rad adventurers and you should check out their website because they are amazing.

Love you guys.

End note…

Because I love adventuring so much, here are a few of my favorite things to do in Big Sur.

Sykes Hot Springs - make sure you bring your boots
McWay Falls - it’s the most iconic spot and so easy to get to, so don’t miss this one
Pfeiffer Beach - the COOLEST if you get a rad sunset
Ventana Campground - you set up your tent IN the redwoods, it’s so peaceful. My husband found this killer spot.
Treebones Resort - A yurt village - YES! I’ve never stayed here but it’s been on my bucket list for sure.
Kirk Creek Campground - this one is almost always full, but I drive past it with glaring eyes determined to get a spot one day. It’s right on the coast and would be the best sunset view over a campfire dinner.

Know before you go…

Big Sur is like any other California coast line and has poison oak! I get it almost every time I’m here, so make sure you know what it looks like so you can avoid this killer plant.

Campsites fill up fast! I’d absolutely suggest booking far in advance. This isn’t the most convenient place for spontaneous adventures unless you don’t mind going into town for a hotel.