An Adventurous Waterfall Elopement in Oregon

If there was any adventurous, spontaneous elopement I could plan in the world, it would be this one. Joan and Dave had been engaged for a few years and could never really work out the details of planning all the logistics of a big wedding and finally threw in the towel and decided to elope! They had a trip planned to a hot spring here in Oregon, so they decided they might as well elope while they are here too - and they got in touch with me… 2 weeks before their trip. Amazing. There’s something about eloping spontaneously that’s so thrilling - probably because that’s essentially what eloping is originally thought of as, but it’s become a bit more of a planned endeavor in the industry these days.

Over the next week we talked through locations and logistics, which was probably the most stress free wedding planning of all time. And before you know it the day was here! I took them to a local Oregon waterfall that I had been wanting to explore, it was raining of course but none of us cared. They got ready in the parking lot and then we hiked down to the base of the falls to say their vows and have their legal ceremony. Then we said bye to the officiant and Joan and Dave wanted to have a moment where they could say their personal vows to each other, without anyone listening. So my husband and I stayed back in the forest while they poured their hearts out to each other by the river. It was the sweetest moment.

I think what I loved so much about this day was that there wasn’t anything that could go wrong. They got married and that’s all that really mattered. It was incredible. My husband secretly made a little video alongside me and I think it’s amazing so I’m including it here! You can see just how hard it was raining the whole time and honestly I don't know how our cameras were still working by the end ha.