A Breathtaking Elopement in the Fjords of Norway

Norway has to be one of the most beautiful places to elope, and seeing the fjords for the first time in real life was breathtaking.

It’s been a life-long dream of mine to make it to Norway, so when Rich and I had the opportunity to spend a few days here, at the end of our trip to Ireland, we booked our tickets without any hesitation. We landed and went straight to exploring the streets of Bergen; taking photos of all the architecture - the local McDonalds looked like the queen ate there - and fresh fish everywhere we turned. We stayed at the Thon Hotel in downtown Bergen, and the only reason why I’m telling you about it and giving you this precious link (click above) is because they had THE most insane breakfast I have ever experienced in my entire life. Insane. You have to go to Norway just to experience this breakfast because afterwards you will have realized that you can now die a happy camper, you’ve lived a good life. I’ve travelled to so many countries, and here I am sharing inspiring photos of the fjords in Norway, but all I can talk about is that breakfast. It really was that good.

After we came back from heaven, aka breakfast, we loaded up the car and drove on to Aurland - a little fjord town just a few hours from Bergen. Once we really started getting into the mountains, Rich and I would stop every other moment to get out and take in the enormous beauty of the towering walls above us. You couldn’t even see them properly out your window because they were honestly so tall and magnificent, and covered in waterfalls. It was like Yosemite Valley, but lush and green and foreign with pieces of viking heritage and Scandinavian culture. I' am so in love with the place.

We stayed at a quiet little Airbnb right on the water with the most surreal view of the mountains. Kinga + Radu met us here and spent the day exploring the fjords and the highlands above it. Spending time with this incredible couple made this trip one of my favorite trips of the year.