meet the photographer

So glad you are here! 

I am a destination wedding photographer based out of Portland, OR.  I've been fascinated with photography ever since elementary school when I was first introduced to a disposable camera and saved up every penny I had to buy + develop film. By the time I graduated high school, my 10 year plan was to travel the world and take pictures, and crazy enough, 10 years later and a bit to my disbelief, here I am! 

My love for photography has always been rooted in photojournalism, powerful images that capture a time + place, and inspires a sense of adventure, connection and emotion. Weddings didn't specifically connect with me until I married the sweetest man on planet earth on a secluded beach on the Lost Coast of California. Our wedding was small, just 30 of our closest friends + family, everything including the location was something of significance to us, and our day was about the most important people in our lives surrounding us + supporting us making the hardest + deepest commitment to each other.  And now, years later, I look back on the one tangible thing we have from that day, our photographs. I look at this image of myself (on the right) and feel exactly what I felt in that moment, the frog in my throat as I tried to open my mouth to say my vows without ugly crying.  

Through this experience, I realized THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Getting married is a big deal, being a wedding photographer is a big deal, and it has become some of the most meaningful work I have ever done.  

If this is you, if your wedding is so much more than a big party or a fancy dress, and you are ok with everything going wrong because at the end of the day YOU'RE GETTING FREAKING MARRIED, then I want to be there to cry with you, hug you, support you, and create timeless images for you to relive over + over again.