its all about the emotion

So glad you are here! 

I'm Anni, a full-time travel wedding photographer based out of Portland, OR.  I've been a photographer for over 7 years, mainly shooting travel + outdoor adventures, and just last year I switched to full-time weddings - and absolutely fell in LOVE with capturing couples + their story.  I grew up in the Himalayas in India, so I have been traveling from a very young age and can't really shake the urge to discover every inch of every country.  I have a degree in Outdoor Leadership so yes I'm a certified wilderness guide and will plan any + all our adventures together.  I just got married last year to the incredible man pictured below and am probably more awkward in front of the camera than you fear to be, so I've got you.  

I want to capture those intimate, timeless, hilarious, meaningful, exhilarating, moments together.  I don't like the awkward stiff poses that make you feel like a robot, I want the real you.  This means that I value getting to know you both before we meet, hearing your story of how you met, fell in love, and what's most important to you.  I may not capture everything perfectly, but it will be full of love and emotion.  

Here is a link to our wedding photos, so we can bond over more wedding things!